James E. Laero marketing / communications / business development

Marketing & Business Development

Case Study #1: Garage-Top to Top 100
How dynamic marketing and effective business development brought a startup company great success. Bottom line - corporate profits increased 30 %. The original challenges were met and far exceeded. The company went from a garage-top office to its own high-tech building, from a small one-division company to a corporation with five divisions employing more than twenty people with its backbone in the technology district of downtown Pittsburgh. Read the Case Study...
Case Study #2: Success to Greater Success
How dynamic marketing and effective business development strengthened a moderately successful professional services firm and opened fresh opportunity for future growth during trying economic times. Bottom line - corporate gross revenues increased 11 % in two years with following year growth projections anticipated to exceed that pace by a wide margin. The company defied a weak economic climate to become the premier professional services provider to its core market, and new business opportunities are flowing at a feverish pace. Read the Case Study...

Media Based Communications

Print Media Samples
Traditional print media offers the ability to deliver dynamic visual communication pieces directly into the hands of customers and prospects. When designed and delivered properly, print media communicates your image and message effectively while motivating the end user to a desired decision.

The following are a a small sampling (gleaned mostly from the past five years) of the many hundreds of graphic deliverables that I have produced to enhance marketing communications.

Painting Services Handbill Commercial Construction Services Handbill
Engineering - MultiFamily Handbill Engineering - Educational Handbill
Engineering - Shale Gas Handbill Engineering - Industrial Handbill
Engineering - Civil Handbill Construction Management Brochure
Shale Gas Services Brochure  
Construction Company Construction Company
Engineering Firm  
Project Sheet 1 Project Sheet 2
Project Sheet 3 Project Sheet 4
Poster - Housing Development Poster - Facility Renovations
Poster - Before & After Award Promotion Poster - Award Promotion
Architecture - Colorization Poster - Concert Event
Postcard - Homebuilding Postcard - After Event Followup
Magazine Cover Magazine Cover
Magazine Cover Magazine Cover
Signage - Project Sign Tradeshow Banner
Digital Media Samples
The digital media revolution opens a nearly limitless, and ever evolving, array of communication points for business to engage the market.

I worked as a Pittsburgh-region pioneer of many of the new-media technologies that are now common to the marketing communications world. I have personally developed and team managed every aspect of digital media production and delivery including concept, website architecture, website development, digital graphic design, photography, videography, video post-production, photo optimization, SEO, Tracking, FLASH, html, css and copy writing.

• Websites

I have produced dozens of Internet websites and social media pages since the conception of basic HTML sites in the 1990's. In most cases, I developed the copy and media content of the sites: digital art, streaming audio & video and FLASH animations. The following are a small sampling of that work.

Engineering Firm Facebook Page - Engineering Firm
Tool & Die Company Pest Control Contractor
Community Food Bank Site Faith-Based Streaming Video Site
Community Church Website Faith-Based Community Theater Site

• PowerPoint
Conformance & Documentation PowerPoint Promotion
Print Magazine Advertising Sales Tool PowerPoint Presentation
Imagine Pittsburgh Event Activity Educational PowerPoint

• Recent Publicity Samples

• Newspaper Article: Sunday Paper Business Section Cover - Feature Article
• Newspaper Article: Contract award article
Media: Just not enough website to hold it all...
There is so much more that I would like to show on this page. I enjoy the nuts and bolts of marketing and business development just as much as the planning and management work. In short, when it comes to media, I have either personally done it and/or closely managed others doing it.