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The 5 Basics of Modern Media Communication

These five basics should be in every piece of media you use to communicate in today’s market.
1. Your Identity (Brand)
2. One Core Message
3. Three-second Motivation
4. Street Level Focus
5. Social Communication

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The New-Old Standard: Communicate Socially

My marketing discussions with small business owners and corporate executives alike reveal a consistent trepidation to the point of avoidance over dealing with today's social marketing. But in reality the rules have not really changed that much. They have just become less forgiving.

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One Core Message

The worst kind of worker is the one who is a jack-of-all-trades and an expert at none. The same holds true for businesses. This is especially true in today’s world of micro-niche specialty markets. Today’s B2B and general consumer customers often relate credibility with specialization.

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Keep It On The Streets

General consumer customers live in houses connected to streets located in neighborhoods. Most business-to-business customers work in offices located in buildings along streets in cities or neighborhoods. People don’t live or work in the literal clouds. They make purchasing choices based on how the purchase will make their own life better, easier, more productive, more rewarding, more profitable, healthier and happier.

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Use Your Image to Build Customer Comfort

Business-to-business and consumer customers are creatures of habit. Customers buy-in when they are assured or comforted by whomever is marketing to them. Our human comfort level is reached when we personally identify with a product. Your image (identity or brand) is critical to gaining that customer comfort level.

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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword - or Not

The pen can be mighty in the hands of a pro or useless in the hands of an inexperienced copy writer.
Have you ever picked up a beautifully designed brochure but felt confused or alienated by its message?
Have you ever opened a direct mail piece that was just useless when it came to motivating you to act on an offer?
Have you ever passed a roadside billboard and just shook your head in disbelief over the message on it?

That is poor copy writing.

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