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Save Your Company Before It Needs Saving!

Playing catch-up in marketing and business development, though not impossible, is extremely challenging and often very costly. This is definitely a proposition that you want to avoid. It usually begins something like this…

  Bill was a successful construction company CEO. His company had been in business more than fifteen years. One fine Spring morning, Bob arrived at the office and picked up the morning paper, opened it to the business section, only to find a half page spread featuring one of his competitors. Bob got a small twinge in his belly but dismissed it and tossed the paper.

A week later, while visiting one of his longtime clients, Bob noticed a stylish newsletter with his competitor's logo emblazoned on the cover sitting on the corner of the client's desk. Now the twinge in Bill's belly sparked into outrage as he mulled over his competitor barging in on his client with his fancy propaganda. Bill was pretty upset and lost sleep that night trying to think up something to do to catch-up.

The next morning, Bill was still thinking on that newsletter but had three meetings to attend. No time to do anything about it himself so he asked his admin to whip up a quick newsletter. The admin blinks twice and says, "No problem."

Ten days later the newsletter is done; composed, edited, reviewed, edited again and then finally out the door. That same afternoon Bill got a polite letter in the mail thanking him for his kind service but the client had decided to, "Go in another direction…"

In my experience, most businesses do not fail for lack of hard work or effort. Usually they fail for lack of planning, and not necessarily crisis planning. Most of the failures I've witnessed occurred because of a lack of planning for growth and what to do after growth. That is when many businesses get apathetic about marketing and business development. This is especially true of companies that are seven to twenty years old. Don't let apathy sink you. Save your company today before it needs saving - market! Plan! Get your message and your brand out there.

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