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Rifle or Shotgun ? Both!

Some say the best way to hit the mark in marketing is to use a focused approach, much like using a rifle with a single projectile rather than blasting away with a shotgun that delivers a hundred smaller projectiles. I say, "Use both!"

If you are hunting for a single big game trophy, a well-tuned rifle is your best bet. But if you are chasing a flock of geese moving at 40 miles per hour, you will definitely need that shotgun. Each gun has its place and time.

The same is true in marketing and business development. If you are after one specific client, pinpoint focus on that potential client's needs, wants and market are critical. But what do you do when an entire new market opens up to you with many potential clients? A good shotgun approach is the answer - at least to start with.

I have found that in most new market opportunities, the first shots are inevitably fired from a shotgun. These are the standardized direct mailers, email blasts, and telemarketing calls. The intent is to hit something, anything, to get a lead. Once the lead is harvested then the more focused approach should begin.

Conclusion: Nothing in marketing and business development is cut and dried. Be adaptable to the market opportunities by being flexible in your approach to gaining leads. Do what you've got to do to make it happen. If you are an entrepreneur then that do-what-needs-done attitude is what has made you a success. Don't be married to an ideal. Be a realist. Use the shotgun and the rifle as often as you get a decent shot.

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