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Get Those Referrals

Here is an amazing statistic from the Hinge Research Institute; when buyers were asked why they did not give a referral to a seller who they did business with; a whopping 80% replied that they simply had not been asked!

Contrast that with the reality that most professional services buyers base their selections heavily on the reputation of the seller and you can see the critical value of taking the time to collect referrals. Referrals lend that unique third-party credence to what you claim in your marketing program and your in-person presentations. Referrals are proof that you can, and have, gotten things done and done right.

Getting a referral usually requires only one polite phone call. Most clients are happy to give referrals. The only challenge you may run into is that their time is tight. Composing a referral takes time. If you find that to be an obstacle simply offer to compose a basic outline for the client to follow. Then compose the referral outline as you would like it to read and email it off with a thank you note. Most time-pressed clients appreciate the help.

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