James E. Laero marketing / communications / business development


Corporate Principal

Mr. Laero... has a unique understanding of human nature and how to reach an audience. His ability to translate a message into multi-media platforms exceeds most marketing and design personnel I have met or worked with over my 40-year career...

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Small Business Owner

I have found Mr. Laero to be detail-oriented, with a keen sense for precisely communicating any marketing message that I have needed to deliver. He is very creative in verbal communication, and one of the best graphic media communicators with whom I have had the pleasure of working.

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Non-profit Business Manager

Recently, he managed the marketing of a community concert for us. He planned, designed, and executed a marketing program to successfully advertise and attract attendees to the concert in just five weeks. The concert was a great success with proceeds exceeding expectations.

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Former Staff Team Member

I watched James Laero birth and carry out many huge and complicated projects with only limited resources and manpower. It has to do with his vision. Not to sound trite, but he really is a man of vision. He's got foresight. He can note prevailing atmospherics of a market and formulate a plan that will produce results.

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Personal Testimonial

He is a passionate community leader with an amazing record of giving opportunity to the people around him. He has trained and mentored dozens of young men and women from our community in everything from carpentry to football to computer design.

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